Along with the social progress and development, we are advancing with the time in respect of product research and development, For the purpose of “Green, Nature, Enviromment”, we adopt to natural dyes. Besides, dyeing and finishing process is fully in line with the European Union standards. Moreover, the quality of the products subject to strict international QA/QC standards. Through rigorous testing, the indicators of deleterious substance, such as azo dyes and formaldehyde, have reached have reached the standard of textile exports to the United States and the European Union, so that customers can rest assured that the use of environmentally friendly products.

Though the "low-carbon" lifestyle is new concept, it puts forward the problem of sustainable development. In addition, it reflects that the air pollution as Climate change must be take in serious consideration. And people are aware of the main problem of extra carbon pollution.

Bigband pay attention to environment-friendly and low-carbon. In product design and development, we develop new products made from bamboo fibre and soybean fibre. Because of bamboo fibre and soybean fibre being natural, it is favorble for their water absorption and dyeability to reduce the waste gas emission. Bigband realize the urgency andsignificance of environmental protection. The "low-carbon" lifestyle should start from me!

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